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The company Andreia,S.A., the invitation of the Group Nabeiro - Delta Cafés, had the honor to participate in Forum 2009 Delta customers with the theme "Overcoming the crisis." This took place on May 29 at the premises of the Foundation Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda (Avenida da Boavista - Porto). Delta Cafés in partnership with the Portuguese Catholic University (the first and only school in the Financial Times global ranking of Executive Training and accredited by the institutions of world reference in the evaluation of Business Schools) submitted the following program of seminars:
    -  Session 1 - "Marketing & Sales in Time of Crisis: A Guide to Action" presented by Dr. Francisco Velez Roxo.
    - Session 2 - "Success in Time of Crisis", presented by Prof. João César das Neves.



The Forum was presented by Commander John Nabeiro, followed by the presentation of Session 1, which ran in the morning. Was made a break for lunch, which was held in the restaurant's own Foundation. The afternoon began with the presentation of Session 2, the Forum has been finalized by Commander John Nabeiro which thanked all the clients, for his contribution to the success of the Group Nabeiro because for him "A CLIENT, A FRIEND".


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